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This pool lets you swim in the Alpines year round

Avid swimmers, nature enthusiasts and adventurists alike might find their fixes at The Cambrian in Switzerland. The hotel, restaurant, spa and bar all rolled into one was touted years ago as having one of the best pools in the world. Today, the establishment upholds its reputation and continues to be something of a marvel to nearly all who visit. 

Like a cat in the sun
As stated in a press release, the hotel received an initial shout out from Trip Advisor in 2011. The travel company ranked the facility second on the list of "Ten Amazing Hotel Pools." It was second only to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which offered a sky park complete with an observation deck. Though the facility is a tough act to follow, The Cambrian is still a prestigious runner-up. 

Photos on the hotel's website demonstrate the serene beauty of the facility. One is of a swimmer who's chest-deep in the water, looking off to the snow-capped mountains that are in the distance. The heated pool is open year-round, so visitors don't have to worry about timing their itineraries just so to be able to take the plunge. 

According to The Cambrian's website, the hotel also offers a heated indoor pool, a gym, spa treatment rooms and a sauna that's compromised of a steam bath and rain shower. It almost goes without saying that this place was designed to soothe the mind, body and spirit. The hotel promises that its visitors will leave feeling more refreshed than a "cat in a pool of sunlight." 

All in a day's work
It's the perfect escape from long hours in the office. The location is also ideal, as skiers and snowboarders can retire to the facility after an ambitious day on the slopes. Between the winter activity and the open pool, you really get the best of both worlds when you visit The Cambrian. It's unknown whether the pool has a salt system, but it might not matter with all of that fresh air. 

It's important to note that the Swiss Alps are known for their terrain within the snow sport community. Don't let that worry you – all levels are welcome to participate. According to the hotel's website, even if you only want to ride a toboggan, you can still experience the freshly fallen snow. 

During summers, the land around the resort turns from white to green. The snowboarders are replaced with bikers and climbers. Guests have their pick from more than 200 miles of hiking trails, some of which are even suitable for children. 

Finding your bliss
There's even a paragliding school nearby for the more adventurous visitors. Soar through the mountains, or stay near the ground by taking advantage of the boat rentals that are offered nearby. At the end of the day, the experience is entirely up to you. 

Plan your trip based on your seasonal preferences, save up your money and book in advance. Perhaps a weekend in the Swiss Alps can revive and inspire you. You might even bring an element of your travels back to channel into your own backyard.

Of course, with so many wonderful features that are readily available, you don't have to travel 3,700 miles to find your bliss. Call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals if you'd like to upgrade your pool to make it more like one of your favorite resorts, or The Cambrian. Clients in good standing are eligible for a free salt system