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This isn’t Boston, don’t love that dirty water in your San Diego pool

The Standells certainly had a hit when they released “Dirty Water,” but while this song is catchy and an anthem for Boston natives, it shouldn’t be a lesson in pool maintenance for anyone. When you own a pool in San Diego, you have to make sure that the water is crystal-clear and chemically balanced to keep those going for a swim safe from rashes and respiratory issues.

Poolman can take care of any and all of your pool water cleaning and maintenance needs, especially when you keep up with the recommended San Diego area pool service schedule. From chlorine testing to debris cleaning and beyond, pool water demands expert and consistent attention to detail throughout the year, even when the pool isn’t in use.

Your pool’s filtration system can sometimes malfunction, lose its ability to keep the water at optimal health or use too much energy. When this happens, you and your family, as well as any guests who might be paying a visit to the backyard, can be exposed to dangerous microbes that lead to skin rashes and irritation, or potentially other health issues.

One of the clearest and most obvious signs of problems with water health is when the water isn’t clear, while another is when the color is off. Abnormal colors can result from algae blooms and other unwanted plants, debris or microbes spreading throughout the water. When you can’t see to the bottom of your pool in the shallow end, you might have a serious health risk waiting in the water.

Don’t wait for your pool water to turn sour, though – call Poolman today to keep the swimming environment safe, clean and healthy for anyone who wishes to enjoy a dip.