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The wonder of Fort Worth pool automation

Although you likely treat your Fort Worth area pool as one of the most treasured areas of your home, keeping up with maintenance and controlling functionality might not be your favorite tasks. When you want to enjoy your pool in all its glory without a lot of fussing around, you should consider calling Poolman to set up pool automation.

This process will completely save you from the need to open the control box and flip switches, as you’ll be able to control the entirety of the functionality from the automation system. While you might be thinking that this doesn’t really make a big difference, as the system would likely be located somewhere near the perimeter of your pool or even in your house, Poolman takes this technology to a whole new level.

With Poolman’s system, you can control the lights, features, pool heaters and virtually any other equipment from your smartphone. Have you ever remembered that you left the lights on in your pool right as you’re entering the gate at an airport heading out for a vacation? What if you realize that you left the heater on when you’re at work?

You’ll never have to worry about the repercussions of such mental lapses when you’re away from home again, as you’ll be able to simply turn the features and equipment off remotely. What’s more, if you want to heat up the pool from the comfort of your home before stepping outside, you can do just that.

If you don’t want to integrate the system with your cell phone, Poolman offers a remote control.

No matter what type of feature or technology you might crave to make your pool even more serene than it has been in the past, Poolman has you covered for your Fort Worth area pool service needs.