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The time is now to evaluate your Phoenix pool’s safety features

Your Phoenix pool should always be a comfortable and safe environment for you, your family and friends to enjoy when the mercury begins to rise. However, as pools are relatively complex structures that hold a high volume of water, the safety threats are very real, especially for younger children and older individuals who have a greater risk of falls, drowning and other injuries.

Poolman can manage all of your safety features to ensure that your pool is an optimal environment to rest, relax and enjoy. Regardless of which project you might need done, or if you simply need a qualified professional to handle regular maintenance needs, Poolman has you covered as your all-in-one Phoenix area pool service provider.

Safety features
Although your pool is on your property and privately owned, you do need to adhere to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. This piece of legislation was passed after the tragic death of 7-year-old Virginia Graeme Baker, who was trapped under water by the suction of a powerful drain. These same hazards exist in virtually every pool.

Poolman can make sure your pool is compliant with the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act, and that the safety features of the environment are managed exceptionally well. Here are several components of these processes that Poolman offers:

  • Dual drains: To prevent entrapment, pools that have two or three drains that are fewer than 3 feet apart must have a secondary measure to shutdown the suction. This is a mandatory feature, and can also save lives.
  • SVRS installation: If you don’t have a certified unblockable drain, single main drains need to have a suction vacuum release system. Main drains are among the most hazardous areas of the pool, though the release system ensures that the pool’s owner can end a case of entrapment at the flip of a switch.
  • ASME covers: Compliant drain covers need to be installed in all pools, while the requirements under the associated legislation continue to change. Poolman can ensure that your drain covers consistently adhere to regulations and safety best practices as new rules continue to pass.

If you haven’t taken a look at this equipment in your pool or other areas that can be potentially dangerous in a long period of time, you should call Poolman today. Many tragedies are preventable by a proactive and professional approach to safety maintenance.