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The finer points of salt water systems

When it comes to your San Diego pool’s health, one of the best options to maintain the most preferable swimming conditions is choosing to convert to a salt water system. Salt water systems will generally decrease the amount of chemical maintenance that needs to be carried out on a weekly basis, as these features automatically distribute salt and chlorine into the water as needed.

You’ll need to have this system professionally installed and maintained to ensure it is working properly, and should always consider calling Poolman when first deciding to incorporate the feature into your pool.

Salt water systems can have various health benefits for you and whoever else swims in the water, as the salt will be good for joints and skin and easier on the eyes than purely chlorinated water. Still, you might want to hear some of the finer points of salt water systems before installing a unit in your pool. Always remember, though, that Poolman can be your San Diego area pool service, and offers free salt systems for regular customers.

The ease of salt water systems
Once you’ve installed your salt water system, you can expect your pool to be much easier to care for, as well as generally healthier for swimming. When it comes to maintenance and other regular servicing needs, here are specifics of salt water systems in your San Diego swimming pool:

  • Testing: You’ll be able to evaluate the chemical balance of your pool with ease. The control unit will tell you need to call Poolman to replace the salt cell needs to be replaced, which makes it less likely that the water will go the unhealthy route.
  • Replacing: Keeping your regularly scheduled Poolman service will take this responsibility off of your shoulders. All you’ll have to do is enjoy the beautiful and therapeutic water.
  • Cleaning: From time to time, your salt system and cell will need to be cleaned to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Since it’s a piece of equipment that includes a pump and other components, leaving this to the professionals is recommended to avoid unwarranted damages.

If you’re ready to have the freshest, most desirable swimming water on the block, set up a time for Poolman to install your salt system today.