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The dangers of rebar rust stains in your Fort Worth pool

Aside from being unsightly, rebar rust stains can have negative effects on a variety of areas of your Fort Worth pool, including the water and structural integrity. If you’ve ever encountered this issue and tried to fix it on your own, you know how impossible and frustrating the process can be. You shouldn’t try to take this job on by yourself, as the problem needs to be solved by professionals like Poolman.

These rust stains are generally formed when there are cracks or tiny fissures in the pool’s surface, with water leaking in and reaching the frameworks, which are often made out of metal. As a result, the rust begins to spread from the framework out, meaning if you try to simply scrape it off as you would do with black algae and other unsightly issues, it will only reveal more rust.

One of the first dangers of rebar rust stains is the corrosion of the reinforced steel itself, which will often occur when the rust has been allowed to spread without any repair efforts. If the rebar is weakened to an extreme degree, this could spell the end for the structural integrity of your pool, making it unsafe to swim in and often hurting the quality of your water.

If this occurs, the repair costs will often be far higher than when the issue is reconciled in a more timely fashion. As the rust continues to spread through the surface of the pool, you’ll quickly begin to see how unsightly the stains can be when taking up larger areas. Additionally, if the rust should become severe and the rebar corroded, the water might not be safe to swim in.

Experts always suggest hiring a proven Fort Worth area pool service like Poolman to manage and deter rebar rust stains.