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Swim with sharks if you’re feeling lucky

You can swim beside sharks in a place that's constantly outdoing itself – Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget resort and casino has a pool that's built around a tank full of some of the scariest creatures on the planet. 

Slide through the shark tank
Visitors of the hotel can take a ride down a 30-foot waterslide that passes through the shark tank, but don't worry, it's secure, promised the company's website. The illuminated water makes it hard to miss the swarm of sharks that swim around all day. 

If you still haven't had your shark fix, visitors can take a guided tour of the 200,000 gallon Las Vegas shark aquarium. Marine biologists will bring you up close and personal to learn about the sharks' feeding habits and diets.

In addition to the shark pool, the hotel has an infinity pool located in The Hideout. It's open to people who are 16 and older, and those of drinking age can grab a refreshing cocktail at the H2O Bar. 

Steady your beating heart
After you've had your fill of thrills, head to one of the hotel's 15 private cabanas for a cat nap or some UV rays. Each one is uniquely designed to accommodate a different number of guests. 

The Luxury Tank Cabana holds up to six people under its elaborately decorated roof. It's great if you want to get some fresh air but don't want to miss the big game. The room is equipped with a 32-inch flat screen TV, phone, couches, chairs and mini fridge. 

Additionally, the facility has a spa, plenty of shopping and restaurants on site. Whether you're in the mood for seafood, Mexican cuisine or sushi, the options are sure to please. A testament to the resort is all of the recognition it's received. 

Rave reviews
CNN Travel, Travel Channel, Conde Nast Traveler and a number of other reputable publications listed The Golden Nugget as a top pool in the world. In a CNN review, the $30 million water complex was referred to as one of America's Most Amazing Hotel Pools, because of its up close shark experience.

As stated on CNN Travel, guests of the hotel may get to see some or all of the sharks that live there including sand tigers, browns, black tip, nurse and zebra varieties. Book a room and see for yourself, or read more about it in the aforementioned publications. You can still get a feel for the experience without having to leave the comfort of your salt system pool at home.