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Preseason Updates at Poolman

1. New P.O. Box

Poolman has a new P.O. Box!  Please be so kind as to change our address with your bank (for automatic payments you may have setup) and for your records to reflect this new address:

P.O. Box 90490
Phoenix, AZ  85066

2. Re-routing

This time of year is the time we start analyzing our routes and making sure that we are maximizing the success of our teams – this is how we make sure we are providing the great service that you are paying for.  We apologize if you were inconvenienced by a route day change or even a change in your technician.  Please be assured that the changes were made very delicately and only when necessary.

3. Stabilzers on the 3/24/2014 Invoice

We will begin preparing your pool water for the harsh desert heat.  Starting April 1st, as conditions warrant,  our service technicians will start adding stabilizer (cyanuric acid) to your swimming pool .  Chlorine by itself is a very unstable element.  When added to water it is broken down by ultraviolet light very quickly.  The stabilizer bonds with the chlorine and protects it from ultraviolet rays and heat.  To accomplish this, all pools will be brought in line with 40-60ppm -stabilizer reading by the end of April and we will continue this throughout the year.
The stabilizer fee is the ONLY extra charge for our year round service, which is explained in our start-up agreement.