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Staying Safe With Your Pool This Summer

Summer is finally here. While it was nice to have the cooler weather in May, the Valley of the Sun is earning its name now, as the 100 degree days are here to stay for awhile.

Coinciding with the heat, is the summer break for all the school age kids. Having a pool in the backyard is a great option for them as the look to stay cool.

The pool, while being a fun and enjoyable destination for children, can be a danger if proper precautions are not taken and or focus on safety and prevention is not adhered to.

There is a great resource for parents and kids to utilize, to help make sure the swimmers are educated and prepared, and the area around the swimming pool is safe and secure. is a great website to visit for tips and guidance for swimming pool owners.  Some of the tools on the site include

These are just a few of the links/videos on the site that offer great information on how to improve the safety environment around your pool.

Everyone involved with a swimming pool, from the owner, parents, service providers and the kids as well need to work at creating a safe environment for every pool.

Let’s have a safe and happy summer!