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Stay a responsible Glendale Pool owner

Just about every Glendale pool owner wants their pool to be the most beautiful one in the city, but it’s important to remember that when it comes to owning a pool, safety is more important than beauty. So before you go about having your dream waterfall feature installed, be sure that your pool’s safety features are optimal. In order to prevent the risk of illnesses or accidents in your pool, regular and proper maintenance is required. Fortunately, Poolman’s Glendale pool services team is available year-round, helping to keep you the most responsible pool owner you can be. Our pool experts have the skills and knowledge needed to make your pool safe and compliant with legal measures.

Stay compliant with the law
The 2008 Pool and Spa Safety Act, also known as the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, is intended to keep pools and spas safe for children. This act stipulates that public pools with a single main drain be equipped with a safety vacuum release system, or some other protective mechanism. It’s helpful safety advice for residential pools as well, however. Pools with multiple drains that are within three feet of each other can benefit from having a second entrapment-preventive system in place, unless the pool has a certified unblockable drain. Additionally, drains should have covers that meet standards set by the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

If a residential pool is to stay compliant with these safety measures, homeowners will need to put work into research and installation. In the event that the government revises safety codes, knowing whether your pool features meet safety standards can be particularly important. As such, pool owners might want to consult a professional to help them ensure that their pools abide by safety codes. Poolman’s Glendale pool maintenance team is well-informed in pool safety, so you can rest assured in having our employees fix your pool to keep your guests safe.

Prevent recreational water illnesses
Clean water is an essential part of a pool, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. On top of the elegant clearness of clean water, it helps prevent you and your pool guests from catching recreational water illnesses. RWIs are caused by harmful germs and chemicals found in pool water. Unfortunately, standard chlorine treatment is not sufficient in preventing the threat of RWIs, as some algae that cause these illnesses are very tolerant to chlorine. To make sure that swimmers in your pool are kept in good health, more comprehensive chemical treatment may be necessary.

Look no further than Poolman’s chemical balancing services to keep your Glendale pool water safe. Our basic pool service options include chemical balancing that offers safety beyond what a standard chlorine treatment can provide. We know that you want to keep your family and friends safe while swimming in your pool, and there’s no shame in asking for some help. Before warmer weather sets in and more guests come over to enjoy your pool, make sure that you’re providing for their safety to the fullest extent – give Poolman a call today.