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Signs that your Phoenix pool needs maintenance work

Becoming a pool owner in Phoenix requires you to dedicate a lot of time to maintaining your swimming area. While major issues can be easy to spot, minor problems can hide from your gaze and slowly build up into big time projects. The next thing you know, you're stuck remodeling your entire pool.

In order to avoid any unnecessary maintenance work, you should try to detect any warning signs of needed repairs. Here are some common problems and ways to handle them.

Water leaks
On The House explained that although leaks can be minor, over time they can cause significant damage and result in expensive bills. The more pool water that leaks out, the more you have to replace it – leading to higher water bills than necessary. It's important that you know how detect any warning signs of a leak and get started on repairing them.

Beyond a higher water bill, if you begin to notice that your pool is losing one-eighth of an inch or more of water per day, there could a leak somewhere along the pool. Additionally, if algae forms soon after chemical treatment, that might serve as an indicator that you need to repair a leak. You should make an effort to walk around your swimming area and look for any signs of damp ground or cracked tiles, as there may be water damage.

A neat trick you can try is placing a bucket on the top step of your pool, filling it with water until it's level with the pool. Let it sit for 24 hours and check on it the next day. If the pool water is lower than the bucket, then there's probably a leak.

Filter issues
It's important that your filter be fully functional, as it helps clear your swimming pool and clean the water of any chemicals and debris. Due to its dirty job, the filter can experience issues from time to time, according to Home Guides. Similar to how water can leak from the pool itself, the filter can drip water or form a puddle around its body.

If you notice one, you should examine the tank for any holes that could be causing the leak. While you can try to repair the damage yourself, you're better off calling your local Phoenix pool maintenance company to come by and fix the filter. It can save you a big headache and further problems down the road.