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Show your pool some love

This Valentine’s Day consider giving your swimming pool a gift to show your love. Think about how much you rely on your pool to take care of you during the grueling summer months.

If you have not addressed your swimming pool problems yet, this is a great time to upgrade the surface and surrounding areas of your pool swimming pool. Aside from surface work, there are other aspects of the swimming pool that you can address during the winter months that will benefit you during swim season.

Sometimes swimming during the day in the middle of summer isn’t always ideal. With a fully-functioning pool light, you can extend the swimming hours into the evening. Pool lights now have color options, brightness and cost savings, which can increase the value of your pool.

Technology allows for tasks to be accomplished in an easier, faster and cheaper way by giving you remote access to your swimming pool operations. With automation, you can turn on your pool equipment and run different features associated with your pool from your smartphone.

A Variable Speed Pump (VSP) is a great way to save energy and money. It can function like a single speed pump, but can also be professionally calibrated to meet the needs of your swimming pool. It allows you to have the best possible savings without sacrificing water quality and clarity.

Make sure you show how much you appreciate your swimming pool and all it does for you by calling Poolman today.