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Save energy with a Phoenix pool remodel

While your Phoenix pool maintenance service can keep your pool in great condition and looking good, it can also help make your pool more energy-efficient.

Improving the operating efficiency of a swimming pool is just as important as beautifying its appearance, and Poolman Phoenix can assist you with both. With comprehensive pool remodeling services, the company can handle all your needs, including resurfacing the interior, updating and replacing tile and building a new deck. 

All of the improvements will increase property value and make the pool experience more enjoyable, but the area that can actually save you money is in energy efficiency. listed a number of ways pool owners can save energy and reduce operating costs, and in every case, your Phoenix pool remodeling service will recommend the best product solutions and handle installation and maintenance.

Recommendations from include:

  • Replacing an inefficient pool heater with a more effective one
  • Checking into options for heat pump, gas and solar heaters
  • Adjusting the pool temperature, since each degree that you elevate the temperature adds 10 to 30 percent in energy expenses, depending on where you live
  • Installing a power-saving pool pump
  • Covering your pool when you're not using it  – using a pool cover both conserves energy on heating costs and minimizes water loss through evaporation

In each case, your Poolman professionals will explain the pros and cons of various products and help you come up with a remodeling plan that saves time and money.

Replacing the pump
According to, replacing your existing pool pump with a smaller, updated one can give you both energy savings and an enjoyable swimming experience, and cited a study by the Center for Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University. The findings revealed that, of the 120 pools that were part of the study, a combination of using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and reducing the time it is used cut operating costs to pool owners by as much as 75 percent.

Larger pumps, as you would expect, cost more to operate and maintain, which is why experts recommend using the smallest model that is adequate for your needs, and your pool pro can help you find the right option. 

Greatest energy savings
The Consortium for Energy Efficiency reported that swimming pools were a great untapped opportunity for energy savings, since they often accounted for half of the energy costs in homes with pools. In addition, the pool filtration systems were the largest culprits, making up 70 percent of the energy for running a standard pool. This led to the conclusion that the greatest savings would come from installing energy efficient pool pumps.

Pool pumps explained
According to the CEE, realizing cost-savings from new pool pumps depends on both the pump itself and its operating controls.

Single speed models – as opposed to multi-speed or variable speed pumps  – usually cost the least and are often chosen for remodels as well as new installations. They do, however, use the most energy. Your Poolman expert can advise you on the questions of whether single speed pumps are the best options, since much of the energy savings are realized when the pump motors are operated at lower speeds – which requires, of course, a multi-speed or variable speed model. Your service advisor can guide you to decide whether initially high costs for these models will be justified by long-term savings.

Pump controls
CEE also noted that factors like climate, how much the pool is used and programming of the equipment must be taken into account and that some pumps currently operate at higher speeds and for longer run times than needed. Your Phoenix pool expert offers controls products for operating pumps at multiple speeds when needed and defaulting to lower speed settings.