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San Diego pool service customers enjoy carefree maintenance and customer care

If carefree relaxation is what comes to mind when you think of your backyard pool, turn to your San Diego pool service to make sure it stays that way.

A luxury stops being a luxury when it turns into a worry, and maintaining your pool should definitely not be on your list of concerns. Instead, concentrate on pool parties, delightful swims and respite from reality that a well-functioning pool gives you and call Poolman San Diego.

For a simple, affordable monthly fee, they make your worries their worries. After an evaluation of your swimming pool,  they design a program that fits your needs and budget.

Pool owner needs
Some of the common maintenance issues affecting all pool owners are water debris, cleanliness in appearance and purity. Experienced San Diego pool service professionals break these down into simple steps they can handle in minimal time: testing the water, cleaning tile to the water line, balancing chemicals, vacuuming and brushing the pool's interior and checking equipment to make sure everything is operating properly.

Cleaning debris
Even without storms or severe weather, natural debris like leaves, tree branches and flowers blow into the pool for a most uninviting appearance. This is easily handled by your maintenance service, who will use a skimmer to remove floating debris and relocate it to the trash bin or other area where it can't blow back into the pool.

Clear appearance
Vacuuming is the next step, and doing it correctly is not child's play. It requires connecting hose to skimmer and vacuuming back and forth, much like mowing a lawn. Given the amount of work required, however, it would be wise to let Poolman handle it.

Chemical check
Ideally, chemical levels should be tested and balanced and pH levels adjusted, and your San Diego pool service can make sure it happens. In fact, the most basic service Poolman San Diego offers is known as "simply chemical."

Cleaning the filter
Backwashing the filter is the next step to a clean pool, and depending on your filter – sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge – your pool service will clean the filter and eliminate the waste in the most efficient way possible. they can also advise you on filter replacement options and handle new filter installation if needed.

Menu of services
Depending on your needs and the pool itself, San Diego Poolman offers services every week or two weeks:

  • Simply chemical – takes the mess and confusion out of chemical balancing
  • Weekly BBB,  brushing, baskets and backwashing – eliminates the heavy lifting part of pool maintenance and includes weekly cleaning and chemical balancing every two weeks
  • Weekly full service – provides truly hands-off pool care, with chemical service plus vacuuming, skimming, brushing, emptying baskets and backwashing as needed

Affordable plans
To make sure Poolman San Diego customers have the best possible customer experience, Poolman offers several plans and payment options and invites you to ask for a quote.