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San Diego pool owners take time for California dreaming

The single most important thing to know about your San Diego pool service is the phone number: With Poolman professionals, you're covered and free to dream in peace.

That's because all you have to do about your San Diego pool is to make a call. After all, your days should be spent enjoying your backyard investment instead of maintaining it. 

As you get ready to savor the coming season, resist the temptation to do any of the maintenance yourself. After all, every minute you might spend working on your pool would be time where you couldn't enjoy the experience of using it. Not only that, the maintenance takes far less time when Poolman San Diego pros do it, for a number of reasons:

  • Professionals know exactly how to maintain your pool and how to do it quickly
  • Professional cleaning tools like leaf vacuums work better and faster than whatever you may have in your garage
  • Since chemicals and equipment are on the truck and ready for use, prep work goes faster when professionals handle it. 

Open the season gracefully
One of the advantages of living in the San Diego area is that you can experience poolside entertaining year-round, even when it's a bit too cool to swim. If you've been having your San Diego pool service perform year-round maintenance, you know what a joy it is to welcome guests to their seats by the pool, with no thought of upkeep or any back-breaking do-it-yourself maintenance. 

Opt for worry-free ongoing maintenance
With your San Diego pool maintenance, you can choose from the service that best meets your needs on the schedule you prefer. In general, a routine maintenance plan might involve testing the water, balancing chemical levels, vacuuming and brushing the interior of the pool, and checking equipment to ensure it's operating properly. Poolman San Diego plans include:

1. Simply chemical:

  • Takes the mess and confusion out of chemical balancing
  • Worry-free, hands-off service at affordable pricing.

2.  Weekly BBB:

  • Once a week brushing, baskets and backwashing
  • Eliminates the heavy lifting aspect of pool maintenance
  • Includes weekly cleaning and chemical balancing every two weeks
  • Perfect for pools with automatic vacuums.

3. Weekly full service:

  • Provides truly hands-off pool care
  • Chemicals balanced every other week and cleaning done weekly
  • Vacuuming, skimming, brushing, emptying baskets and backwashing as needed
  • Ideal for pools with operational cleaner or pop-ups.

Get a free salt system
As salt water pools increase in popularity, Poolman wants San Diego pool service customers in good standing to take advantage of a great offer: a free salt system program. Over 6,500 customers have already had salt systems installed, and so can you – at no charge.

With the salt system plan, your pool is retrofitted with a saltwater chlorinator that purifies the water using regular salt instead of chlorine tabs.

The result is a silky smooth, virtually algae-free pool that delights family and guests and very likely increases the home's value as well. The word "free" makes it a no-brainer for Poolman service customers, and you can get all the details by calling your customer service representative or visiting the Poolman San Diego website.