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Poolman Celebrates Five Year Anniversary of Free Salt System Offer

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In order to get five weeks of free simply chemical go to and enter the promo code 5YearSalt. Offer is good from March 15, 2013 to April 15, 2013.

The largest pool service and pool renovation company in Phoenix is celebrating its fifth year anniversary of providing free salt systems to pools on service. Poolman has been offering free salt systems with service since 2008. Today, over 80 percent of Poolman customers use a salt system. By also offering a free initial installation, Poolman provides up to $1,200 in savings for new customers.

A salt system uses salt to create chlorine for your pool. By using a salt cell and an electrical current, the system creates the chlorine that it needs to keep the pool water clean, clear and algae bloom free. This system also improves water quality by eliminating chloramines that cause redeye irritation. Unlike the ocean, a salt-water pool contains a lower salt-to-water ratio than a human teardrop – a human teardrop contains 8,000 ppm (parts per milliliter) and a salt-water pool only contains 3,000-5,000 ppm.

Additionally, a salt system pool offers a soft water experience by moisturizing skin, protecting hair color and reducing eye irritation. One Poolman customer stated, “During the summer I can spend the entire day in the pool, and my skin and hair will actually feel softer when I get out. It’s not drying or irritating for our eyes.”

Fred Wagner, president of Poolman shared, “In all my years of business I have never had such great feedback from customers as we’ve had since switching over to salt. Our customers absolutely love swimming in a salt water pool – they appreciate the difference in how their skin feels after swimming in their salt pool versus a regular chlorinated pool. We are proud to celebrate these past five years of our salt system offer with our Poolman family.