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Safety upgrades for your Phoenix pool well worth the effort

When it comes to pool safety, homeowners who are the most proactive will often enjoy the best results, as certain simple remodeling and repair projects can go a long way to keeping swimmers comfortable and secure. Phoenix pool owners should always consider using Poolman for these projects, as a do-it-yourself approach can sometimes lead to significant risks.

As the leading provider of Phoenix area pool services, Poolman can work with you to optimize your swimming environment, from the quality of the water to the safety of the surrounding deck. By calling Poolman and maintaining a regularly scheduled maintenance routine, you’ll quickly begin to enjoy much more relaxing, safe and comfortable experiences when it’s time to take a dip and unwind.

Simple features add value
If you have small children or older individuals visiting your home to go for a swim, you likely already understand some of the more common risks that are relevant to these individuals. Slipping and falling are likely the most prevalent, and Poolman can help you ensure that all guests have an exceptional experience every time they come over to enjoy a swim.

Here are two specific upgrades Poolman recommends in these situations:

  • Built-in steps: The dangers of falling and slipping are most prevalent when the individual is getting in or out of the pool. When there aren’t any steps, an older person might not feel as comfortable entering the water, as the days of cannonballs and swan dives have passed. As such, Poolman can quickly install in-pool steps that will help seniors get in and out of the water comfortably.
  • Railings: Much like steps, railings can make children and older individuals far more comfortable when entering and exiting the water. By having something to hold on to, visitors will have a lower risk of slipping and falling. Additionally, handrails do not have to hinder the aesthetic of your pool. Poolman offers different options to clientele depending on their preferences and the layout of the pool itself.

Poolman can also renovate, remodel or repair your deck, as these areas can become highly dangerous when not adequately maintained. Culture of Safety explained that roughly 25,000 slip and fall injuries occur on a daily basis, and pool decks rank third on its list of most precarious areas.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to complete your safety upgrades – call Poolman today to get these projects going.