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Restoring your Cave Creek pool from wear and tear

Even the most responsible Cave Creek pool owners can’t prevent wear and tear from affecting their pools. Over time, your pool is bound to experience issues that will require pool maintenance. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad pool owner, but these problems are not something to ignore. If you notice that components of your pool are broken or not as effective as they once were, it’s in your best interest to have them fixed sooner rather than later. Whether your pool deck is chipped or your lights are flickering, Poolman’s Cave Creek pool services have you covered.

Deck repair
Never underestimate the importance of your pool deck. It plays a crucial role in keeping your deck in good condition, as even the smallest cracks and chips could lead to major problems. When water enters pool cracks, it can cause these cracks to widen, and a complete deck renovation may become a necessity. The best thing for pool owners to do is to have any chips in a pool deck repaired right away. Having your pool deck repaired from time to time can save you money in the long run by preventing the need for a complete renovation.

Just like any lightbulb, the bulb in your pool light will eventually go out or start to flicker. Poolman’s Cave Creek pool maintenance team can replace these lightbulbs for you, so you can continue to enjoy late evening swims. We can even install LED lights. These lights use eco-friendly technology to reduce both your carbon footprint and your electric bill. In addition, LED lights are available in a selection of colors, including amber, green, red and blue, so you can give your pool a uniquely colored glow at night.

The caulking between your pool and its deck is essential to maintaining your pool’s long-term health. If water seeps into holes in your caulking, it can lead to major problems in the future that may be costly to repair. Stay responsible and routinely check your pool caulking for gaps. If you notice cracks in your caulking, call Poolman right away and our pool experts will be happy to repair them for you. An occasional re-caulking can go a long way in keeping your pool safe and durable for years to come.

Winter is always a good time to have any pool issues sorted out. And as a Cave Creek resident, you’ll be happy to know that Poolman services your location year long. We’re here to help you maintain your pool so that it’s clean and beautiful 365 days a year.