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Remodeling ideas for your Scottsdale pool

As the hottest months approach, upgrading your pool is an excellent option, and Poolman Phoenix pool remodeling professionals can show you how to do it on your budget and time frame.

There are many reasons to remodel a pool, not the least of which are the scorching summers in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Add in the fact that older pools may need more frequent repairs, especially to pumps and filters, and that the investment in a remodel can make the property value soar. Now all that's needed is a good source for Phoenix pool remodeling and some creative thinking about how to make your swimming pool one of the wonders of your neighborhood.

Turn to Poolman
As with any major home improvement, pool remodeling demands using a trusted source that has been the business long enough to prove itself and garner satisfied customers all around the Phoenix area. Poolman made its mark by servicing pools in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and surrounding areas about 50 years ago and has provided pool maintenance and remodeling ever since.

For pools built recently enough that most of the issues are cosmetic, Poolman can help with rebuilding or renovating decks and walkways that turn it into a more modern and enjoyable area for entertaining as well as family use.

Not only will a pool deck remodel take care of basic maintenance like cracks or chips, it can take on a new life altogether with a fresh approach to backyard fun. Sometimes just replacing the edging or "coping" or the tiles above the waterline are what's needed to transform an older pool into a younger, more playful version. 

Think salt water
Saltwater pools are growing more and more popular, and Poolman offers its pool service customers in good standing a free salt system program that retrofits their pool with a saltwater chlorinator that uses regular salt rather than chlorine tabs to purify the water.

The result is a silky smooth, virtually algae-free pool that delights family and guests and very likely increases the home's value as well. The word "free" makes it something of a no-brainer for Poolman service customers, and you can get all the details by calling your customer service representative or visiting the Poolman Phoenix website

Opt for safety
The way your pool looks and feels, however, is second to the safety of the adults and children who will be using it.

Here's a sobering fact: Accidental drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths of children aged 1-14, and about 1 in 5 people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. Keeping your pool safe is not only your top priority – it's Poolman's as well. They'll make sure your pool has the proper American Society of Mechanical Engineers covers and either a suction vacuum release system or dual drains, in addition to numerous other requirements dictated by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007, enacted so as to ensure the safety of all who use the pool. Though the law does not cover existing residential pools, these guidelines are useful for remodels.

Not only can installing proper drainage equipment help protect small children, but simple improvements to handrails can also reduce the chances of anyone falling while trying to exit the pool.