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Remodel the pool to accommodate a party

As your summer gets underway, now is a good time to think about ways to remodel the pool to host a stellar pool party. This can be more of a challenge than it appears, so we hope to impart some helpful advice during the hot Phoenix summer.

Tables essential for pool area
First, acquire multiple tables to go around the pool. How you want to lay out the tables will depend on a number of factors. Second, note the shape of your pool. If it's circular, you want to situate tables near the water, though be sure to place them a good ways away from the water. This will promote safety while the location of the tables will allow adults to keep an eye on young swimmers during the party.

However, if you have a long rectangular pool, placing tables on one side of the pool can be a viable move, leaving the other side for swimmers to walk on. Separating swimmers and people who may just want to lounge by the pool will create a cohesive feel to your party. If someone wants to swim, they can easily move over to the other side of the pool. This has the complementary effect of keeping those lounging around the pool from getting wet. 

Create lounge-like aura for pool area
Another idea for creating a flourishing pool party is to give the area around your pool a more relaxed and informal feel. This can be done in a way that will slightly diverge from the previous suggestion. Instead of setting tables up, place lounge chairs around the edges. This allows your guests to lie down and tan while they talk to one another. However, before you encourage your visitors to tan, make sure that everyone has applied sunblock.

 Another way to promote a relaxed vibe is to put ledges on the edge of the pool. This will allow your guests to dip their feet in while relaxing and talking. Helping to ensure interaction among all parties is invariably the goal of pool party hosts. Therefore, consider upgrading you pool with some ledges, guaranteed to make a splash this summer. 

Tips on enhancing the safety of your pool party
According to Aquatic International, pool parties can pose risks to children, as festivities account for most of the fatalities that occur in swimming pools. Even the most attentive parents fall prey to the stresses of the day, as they struggle to cook food and set up the pool area. However, while parental attentiveness is always a must, there are ways to heighten safety. The source noted that, rather than invest in a traditional lifeguard, consider acquiring what the source refers to as "Game Masters." These people are certified lifeguards who help organize the party and play with children in the water, rather than sit on the side watching over inexperienced swimmers. The main benefit of hiring Game Masters is the fun feeling it will give to the party. The formal lifeguard can be stuffy, especially for children eager to have some freedom in the water.

The source noted that a short lecture on pool safety will also be instrumental in helping make a party safe. While giving this talk, make sure to point out areas of the pool area that are off limits to the guests, such as a pool box that contains chemicals like alkaline and chlorine. ABC News suggested that a fence will also promote safety. If you have any other questions contact your local Phoenix pool service to learn more.