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Remodel Your Pool in Six Easy Ways

Are you looking to bring new life to your pool deck? Want to update with an automatic water leveler installed to make filling your pool easier? Take advantage of these six easy ways to remodel your pool:

  1. Replace your interior. Replacing your pool’s interior changes the overall look of your pool. There are several options available to fit your preference. You can do a stone finish (pebble) or a more colorful option like a plaster with quartz highlights.
  2. Rejuvenate your tiles. Professional cleaning, repairing or replacing of pool tiles can enhance the look of your pool.
  3. Restore your deck. Just like the paint on a house, the pool deck takes relentless abuse from the sun and elements. Replacing new pavers, re-coating of an existing deck or even a complete deck replacement are all things to consider addressing before the summer starts.
  4. Add helpful amenities. Sometimes older pools do not have the same amenities as newer pools, but that does not mean your pool cannot be upgraded. Whether it’s a dedicated vacuum line or an automatic water leveler to keep the pool filled without use of a water hose, Poolman can handle getting your pool equipped with these options to make owning a pool less stressful.
  5. Upgrade your equipment. With all the new advancements in technology, there is no piece of equipment you can’t upgrade. Upgrading your equipment can be energy efficient and save you money whether it’s filters, pumps, plumbing or lights. Don’t let another year go by without taking advantage of these savings.
  6. Connect to your pool. Pool automation allows you to connect your equipment to a remote system in the house and even to an application on your phone. From turning on lights to having the spa heated and ready for use after a long day at work, we can help keep you connect your pool and get the most out of your equipment.

Poolman has a full remodel department—and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau—makes upgrading and updating your pool simple. Please call us today to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE and to meet with one of our remodel specialists.