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Recent survey shows swimming conducive to health and well-being

A recent survey about summer activities found that swimming came out at the top of the list. Other activities included biking, hiking and gardening. If you've been enjoying the pool during the early Phoenix summer, you're probably trying to find ways to renovate your pool to make it contribute to your health and well-being.

Swimming has numerous health benefits
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming has many health benefits, such as diminishing anxiety and a positive impact on mental health. However, you should consider doing some simple maintenance to ensure that you'll continue to have a venue for exercise.

"As long as the pool is properly maintained, swimming is a great activity for people with asthma. Swimming can also improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and flexibility, enhance motor skills and help manage weight," said Dr. Ralph Morris of the Water Quality and Health Council, according to, "It's fun and it opens up a whole world of safe, water-based recreation."

The source noted that there are illnesses that are easily contracted by recreational swimmers. However, these can be avoided by following some steps. First, ensure that the sides of your pool are smooth and clean. If a guest accidentally spills soda, make sure to clean the spill quickly, as germs can spread easily. Doing some routine maintenance on the sides can allow your swimming experience to continue to bring beneficial returns to your health. Maintaining the proper chemical balance of the pool is another factor in guarding against skin and physical illness while swimming. Chemicals for the pool can be found at stores around the Phoenix area.

Remodeling tips to retain healthy environment
Another good idea to retain a healthy pool area is to invest in some umbrellas. These will provide a shady area, allowing you to take a break from swimming without having to risk being exposed to the sun's rays while you're lounging around the pool. Of course, sun block is a must for any summer swimming. The CDC recommends re-applying sun block after you're done swimming to ensure the greatest protection for your skin.

The source also suggested that the sides of the pool should not be slippery. If you have any questions regarding the best ways to keep the sides of your pool clean, contact your local Phoenix pool service.