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Rebar rust stains in the pool

Rebar spots and rust stains can be pesky issues in your pool, and can lead to much more dangerous effects if they go on without being treated. Essentially, these spots will occur when water makes its way down through the pool’s main surface and into the metal framework contained within the layer of concrete acting as the foundation, also known as gunite or shotcrete.

If you have an in-ground pool in Phoenix, you need to check for signs of this issue regularly, and should maintain a regular schedule with Poolman for all of your servicing needs.

Rebar spots can lead to rusty discharges entering the pool’s water, and will eventually damage the integrity of the structure itself, making its way through the plaster and spreading over time. It’s important to remember that these stains are not avoidable though the treatment of the pool water, but are rather a symptom of infrastructure issues.

This is why it’s not recommended for homeowners to try to tackle the task by themselves, as they will often experience a frustrating process of scraping without any real results. If you try to simply scrape the rust stains off the side or bottom of the pool, you will only see more and more rust appear, as the problem tends to spread all the way to the metal in the foundation.

Regardless of how much the problem has spread before the maintenance begins, this is a major project that demands expert care. You can severely damage your pool by taking matters into your own hands without the proper expertise.

Consider hiring Poolman as your Phoenix pool service to ensure that rebar rust stains do not spread any further or cause long-term damage to your swimming pool.