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Purchase some state of the art devices for your pool

Technology lessens the burden on pool owners, making it easier to increase the appeal and efficiency of your pool. If you're in the Phoenix area, you know the wisdom of getting in some upgrades to the pool this summer.

Consider purchasing Guard Station
According to Aquatic International, Paragon Aquatics recently released the Griff's Guard Station. This allows residential pool owners to get a device typically thought of as being confined to large swimming pool areas and beaches. However, Paragon Aquatics sells the chair in a portable form, allowing pool owners to wheel it out in the summer to keep watch over young swimmers. 

Likewise, if you're planning to have a big party for one of your children and he or she wants to play alone with her friends, the Guard Station may be the perfect device to allow a compromise between parent and child. The Guard Station also allows for increased maneuverability on the owner's part – you can decide the perfect place around the pool to situate the chair. According to Your Houston News, pool safey is absolutely essential, so be sure to consider getting one of thse chairs.

Obtain an excellent cleaning device
Another idea for a device that will make your pool look appealing this summer is a state-of-the-art pool cleaning device. You want to think of something similar to a Polaris – a machine that will glide around the pool, cleaning up stray dirt and debris that accumulates quickly in the summer. By obtaining an automatic cleaner, you can save time. All it takes to turn on one of these cleaners is a switch, giving you more freedom to actually spend in the pool this summer. 

Despite the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner, a problem can be the long coiled rope that allows the cleaner to jet around the pool. To ensure that no one will get tangled in the coils while swimming, follow these simple steps. First, be certain that the device is turned off before you or your children get in the water. While swimming when the device is turned on may seem innocuous, it can have serious consequences, especially if an unsupervised swimmer gets caught in the loops. 

Subsequently, consider investing in a shed or storage kit that can go near the pool. You can put the cleaner in there when the pool is pristine, an idea that has the added benefit of giving you a wider space to swim in. You can also consider remodeling your pool  by creating an area where pool cleaners and other devices can be stored. If you need help with any of this, contact your local Phoenix pool service.

According to Aquatic International, pool owners can also get a water fountain to complement a pool area. The benefits of installing one of these in a pool remodeling project are numerous – not only will you provide an optimal location for thirsty swimmers to hydrate, you can also obtain a fountain that is appealing to the eye, giving your pool a well-rounded appeal.