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Protect Your Pool From Algae Blooms

Monsoon season is here, and it is time to do all we can to prevent issues with your pool. Algae blooms can come at anytime but are more common during the monsoon storms. The reason for this is that algae needs food and that food is provided more readily during numerous storms. With the blowing wind and rain, organic matter is entering your pool on a nearly daily basis and on some occasions many times a day. This raises the levels of phosphates in your pool and increases the demand on your pool sanitizer. Every pool has organic matter naturally: swimmers, soap from swimsuits, pets, leaves, dirt, rain and water are all forms of phosphates that are introduced to your pool on a regular basis. With the heat of the summer and with a higher phosphate level, you are creating a prime situation for an algae party in your pool.

It is easier to prevent than to treat algae issues. Skimming out debris and vacuuming up dirt on the pool floor will also help your filter and sanitation chemicals keep your pool blue.

Make sure to have your cartridge filter cleaned every three to six months or DE filter cleaned out yearly. Poolman repair technicians are available for this service.