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Preparing your Phoenix pool for the approaching warm weather

While winter may still have the country in its cold grasp, warmer weather is slowly making its way back into your home. You might already be able to imagine the classic sounds of summer: the laughter of children, the sizzle of a barbecue and the familiar, relaxing sight of a freshly opened pool.

Your yard shouldn't be the only piece of property getting a thorough spring cleaning, as your pool might be in dire need of some elbow grease. Your local Phoenix pool service could be the perfect choice for getting the pool ready for the dog days of summer.

Clean the surrounding area
Although you can have your pool open practically year-round, you may have slacked a little during the winter on maintaining the area around the pool. If so, focus on clearing up any debris that might have accumulated since the last time you went for a dip.

Check out your pool heater
If you opted to purchase a heater so you could use your pool through the winter, you should inspect it to make sure it's in running shape. Any indications that the heater needs repairs or check-ups should be addressed, which your Phoenix pool maintenance professionals would be more than happy to assist you with.

Prepare equipment
You should hook up the pump and filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. It's important that you adhere to the guidelines, as diverging from them could lead to irreparable damage to your pool. Use your skimmer to clear out any excessive debris from the surface or under the water.

Get the water clean
Rather than handle the process yourself, call in your Phoenix pool maintenance company to handle the tricky aspect of filtering and testing the water. They'll be more than happy to come in and clean your filter, preparing to clean out any algae or bacteria that may have accumulated over the winter. Additionally, the professionals will be able to properly test your water to determine its mineral content as well as its pH and chlorine levels, according to Popular Mechanics. Their experienced opinion is valuable, as they can tell you which of these needs to be adjusted and by how much.

Consider changing to salt water
You don't need to completely remodel your pool, but you could ponder changing from standard chlorinated water to a salt system. This type of pool water can save you time and money, as it helps to sanitize the water on its own, as reported by Pool Corporation. The source also stated that salt is softer on the skin and hair than chlorine.