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Prepare your Pool Heater for Winter

We have a $100 off coupon for a new Heater! Hurry, this coupon expires 12/15/2013. This coupon is only valid for our Phoenix location.

While the majority of swimming pool use is during the summer months, your Phoenix area pool can be used year-round with a properly functioning heater. Just like owning a pool, there are many different functions and parts to a pool heater. Whether it be a gas heater or a heat pump, making sure that your pool heater is in good working order all 12 months of the year will assure that when you do need to use your heater, it will be ready. Proper installation and maintenance of your pool heater can optimize its efficiency.

DIY vs. Professional Maintenance
With some of the maintenance required to ensure the heater is functioning correctly being complicated, having a professional inspect and do any needed repairs is always recommended to ensure safe and efficient use. With the electrical complexities as well as the gas supply and proper water flow needs, there are many different aspects of a swimming pool heater that can cause interruptions in use. So whether it be annual inspections or a repair task, a professional repair technician from Poolman can provide safe and reliable services for your swimming pool heater.

You should always read your owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule and/or recommendations for your specific heater. It is also highly recommended that you have your pool heater inspected annually. With proper installation and maintenance, pool heaters typically last five or more years.

At Poolman we want to help you protect your investment and assist you in maintaining your swimming pool equipment, including your heater. With our heater service, we can inspect your heater and make sure all aspects of the heater are working properly. Our heater service also includes a thorough cleaning as well, making sure it is ready to go when needed. If you would like to schedule a heater call, please call or email the office and we would be happy to send someone out to your property.

If you are without a swimming pool heater and are interested, call Poolman today and mention our $100.00 off a new Swimming Pool Heater (or Heat Pump) purchase and installation coupon. This is a limited time offer that will expire on 12/15/2013.

This coupon is only valid for our Phoenix location.