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Prepare Your Pool for Summer

Prepare Your Pool for Summer’s High Temperatures

As the temperatures get warmer, time is quickly running out for draining your plaster pool. However, if you have Pebble-tech or stone based surface, you still have time to get fresh water into your pool this swim season. Having fresh water in your pool will benefit the swimming conditions of the pool and the chemical balance of the water.

Ensure that your pool is ready for a fun-filled summer without any interruptions with two of our pool services:

1. Pool 101: This service allows you to become familiar with your pool equipment. Whether you are a new pool owner, have had new equipment installed or just want a refresher, Pool 101 prepares you to handle the many elements of your pool and its equipment.

2. 21 Point Inspection: Have a Poolman professional inspect your pool to ensure that your pool equipment is functioning properly and is prepared for the brutal summer heat. The 21 Point Inspection also provides you with recommendations to improve your pool’s efficiency. From a Variable Speed Pump to an LED light or chemical automation, pool equipment advancements can benefit you and your pool.

Take advantage of the next few weeks and get your pool prepared for summer. Call today to schedule a Poolman professional out to your property before it’s too late.