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Popular construction trends to consider for your Phoenix pool

Whether you're simply looking to remodel your existing pool or are a new homeowner interested in getting your first pool, there are plenty options to consider. Your nearby Phoenix pool service professionals will be more than happy to provide their expertise and opinions on the products and services they offer to customers.

Before giving them a call, you should review some of the popular trends in pool construction to get a rough idea of what you're looking for in your swimming area. Here are some great ideas to get you on your way.

Water features
While they may sound plain on paper, adding stand out features may give your pool the right aesthetic to make friends, family and neighbors jealous about your layout, according to Master Pools Guild. A great addition to your pool could be a waterfall, which can be fun to not only sit under during the hot summer days, but also to listen to at night. The sound of the water cascading down into the pool can be soothing after long hours out in the sun. You could install water jets along the pool as well, which gives added fun to the swimming area.

Tile design
Placing tiles in your pool has become a popular design choice for homeowners in the Phoenix area. River Pools and Spas purported that tiles add a certain element of style and coloration to your pool that can give it a unique and original feel. Installing them around the parameter is a common decision, and they can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, tiles can come from all over the world, so your pool in Arizona could have features that originated in Italy, Mexico or China. 

Salt system
Beyond visual improvements or additions to the pool, many owners are shifting from standard chlorinated pools to ones with a salt system. This kind of water can be more comfortable for the skin, as reported by Yahoo!. There are less chemicals in the water, which can sometimes damage hair and clothing if not properly managed and controlled.

Additionally, these systems require less maintenance, as the news source explained that they practically clean themselves and don't force owners to constantly check on the sanitation of their pool water. Finally, salt water systems can help prevent the growth of algae throughout the year.