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Poolman sponsors needy families in Phoenix

Poolman feels the giving spirit this holiday season (Image by digitalart)

The holidays are a time for us to reflect on the multitude of blessings we have been bestowed, but more importantly it is a time for giving to those who are less fortunate.

Every holiday season, Poolman works with a local church and sponsors at least one needy family in the south Phoenix area, providing them with such necessities as appliances and beds and even toys to help children enjoy the magic of the season. This season we are sponsoring two families, one of which we have been fortunate enough to sponsor for three years. This connection has fostered a special relationship between Poolman and the children and their parents.

Last holiday season, we were able to donate a bicycle to one of these children – a nine-year-old boy. Making this donation more special was the fact that we were able to meet the boy’s father outside and hide the bike in a shed to save it for Santa. And while this little act of Christmas love is heartwarming, the families involved still need a lot of help.

This year, this family has requested another bed; the entire family (both parents and four children) are still sleeping in a bunk bed set that we purchased for them two years ago. The second family is also in need of beds as both parents and all three children currently sleep on the floor. And though poverty like this is heartbreaking, we can all do our part to alleviate the problem by donating to those in need.

The joy in an underprivileged child’s eyes when he receives a gift from Santa is the truest expression of the holiday spirit. Being able to provide such joy is certainly a very humbling and rewarding experience for all of us at Poolman.