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Pool workouts are a great way to sculpt the body

Swimming in a pool isn't only fun – it's a great way to sculpt a bikini-ready body in places that summer is year-round, like San Diego and Fort Worth. Here are some aquatic routines that anyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts can do to get fit.

Rock hard Abs
A toned tummy is a main goal of many fitness buffs, affirmed an article in Livestrong. A perk of doing your abdominal work in the pool is that you don't have to strain your neck and back like you would doing crunches on a gymnasium floor, stated the source.

To get closer to that six-pack, try an exercise called the "pike skull," suggested Fitness Magazine. Do this regime in water that's shallow enough to stand up in but at least chest deep. Tread water on your back and make your body into a V shape. Keep your legs in this position while you maneuver around the pool using just your arms. Not only will this exercise make your tummy feel tight, you'll kill two birds with one stone and simultaneously sculpt those arms.

Arms like Angelina
Swimming in general is a great way to tone the triceps and biceps, affirmed Women's Fitness. Working out in the pool can be safer for women who are pregnant and people who are overweight, stated the source. But doing laps can get stale, which is why the source suggested an alternative aquatic arm water workout. 

For a little variety, grab a ball and try this routine. Standing with your feet apart, hold the ball under the water and move it in a figure eight motion. Repeat this movement ten times without putting too much strain on your back and neck. You should be able to feel the ball's resistance in your arms.

Legs for days
Using the swimming pool to tone the quads and hamstrings could actually be better for your knees than running on harsh pavement because it's low impact on the joints, according to a separate article on LiveStrong. What's more, the body feels lighter in the water, which makes the pool a good starting place for beginners. 

Sculpt your envious legs with this workout suggested in a separate Live Strong article. Grab a noodle and get in the water until it's up to your waist. Fasten the noodle to your foot, you're going to use it like you would an ankle weight. With your back against the pool, bring your foot that has the noodle on it to a 90 degree angle. From this position, straighten it and then bend it. Do this about fifteen times and then switch feet.

As you become more comfortable with each fitness routine, there are a few ways you can continue to challenge yourself. Add fins to the legs or weights to the ankles or arms to take the workout to the next level. For a full body workout, alternate these isolations throughout the week.