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Pool tiles and their influence on your pool’s appearance

A swimming pool area defines the aesthetic of your whole backyard. When hiring a Phoenix pool remodeling service, consider the different types of tiles available to turn your pool into a piece of art. Here's a list of the various pool tiles to choose from and how they can influence the look of your pool when remodeling.

Brick and stone
These pool tiles have a porous surface and are sealed with caulk to prevent water leaks. Brick and stone tiles are durable and absorb heat. While most brick tiles are red and stone tiles are grey, you can find them in a variety of colors. Additionally, they give your pool an expensive and natural look.

The only downsides of brick or stone pool tiles is that the sealant needs to be reapplied every few years to keep their refined appearance. They also need to be scrubbed clean to avoid stains and algae build-up.

This style of pool tile is a ceramic material created by applying pressure and heat to clay dust. Porcelain is very smooth and slippery, as well as hard. They're easy to clean and maintain because they have a water absorption rate below 0.5 percent, according to WiseGeek.

Porcelain tiles are commonly used in pools and are ideal for any climate. You'll be happy with this choice for your Phoenix pool, as they come in many different colors.

These tiles are similar to porcelain. Often glossy and shiny, glass tiles make your pool look deeper than it actually is. These tiles are as easy to clean and maintain as porcelain, but can withstand a bit more pressure from swimmers and abuse from weather. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors, too.

These tiles are much smaller than the others, but this allows for a larger variety of styles. The small ceramic pieces allow for your Phoenix pool remodeling service to create intricate or simple designs. states that mosaic tiles are durable. However, they require a bit of more maintenance than glass or porcelain. They should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid algae and stains, according to WiseGeek.

Choosing the color
Home Design Lover states that blue and white tiles reflect light, which gives your pool water a clear appearance. Darker colors hide the true depth of your pool, and bright colors or unique patterns make your pool look more expensive.

Before you decide on a tile type and color, consult your Phoenix pool remodeling service to get a quote and to ensure that the style matches your backyard.