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A swimming pool remodeling job may be just what you need to fall in love with your backyard all over again. An outdated or unsafe pool can seem more like a burden than a bonus. More or less, every swimming pool takes about 10 years to start showing signs of wear and tear. And when you start to see the cracks, that means it’s way past due for a swimming pool makeover.

With decades of professional aquatics experience, our team commits to excellence on every pool renovation. We guarantee your finished pool remodeling project will be beautiful and safe for the whole family to enjoy.

We’re committed to pools that are sure to impress the neighbors, and our team of experts are always ahead of the curve when it comes to making your pool sophisticated and fun.

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Pool Remodeling Options

Not sure where to start with your pool renovation project? One of our certified experts can help you with your makeover. No two pools will look alike after projects are complete, but many will use these approaches to get their pool looking brand new.

Deck Installation & Replacement

While a pool deck is essential for safety, it’s always a good idea to give it a clean, polished look. 

Not all pool decks are created equal and sometimes may become a safety hazard with regular wear and tear. For instance, concrete slabs have a tendency to shift, crack, and chip. Pebbled concrete can also lose its texture over time. Ceramic tiles can be slippery when wet, which can be dangerous if you have little ones running around. 

If you have noticed any of these issues, give us a call today to remodel your pool deck!

Handrails, Ladders, & In-Pool Steps

If you ever feel the need to make your pool safer, these features are great ways to do so. Handrails and ladders make it easier for swimmers — especially children and seniors — to enter and exit your pool’s larger depths. In-pool steps and slopes are also safe entry options for your shallow end. Depending on the structure and depth of your pool, there are several options available.


Pool interiors are usually made of plaster, pebble, or quartz. Over time, pools can appear worn. And while that’s only a sign of your love, you may miss the look it had when it was first installed. Our professionals will fix stains, chips, and cracks that have been filled with unsightly algae growth. By the time we’re done, your pool will be beautiful again.

Rolled Bond Beam Renovations

Is the rolled bond beam along your pool’s edge cracking and starting to fall apart? If so, you could also be losing water from your pool. We can help generate some great ideas to make that old bond beam go away and give your pool a fresh look.

Safety Features

As a pool owner, keeping swimmers safe is very important, which is why your pool should be compliant to the VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act. 

If you don’t already have these safety features in place, our professionals are more than happy to install them to make your pool safer:

  • SVRS Installation: Single main drains (other than an unblockable drain) should be equipped with a suction vacuum release system.
  • Dual Drains: Pools with two or three drains that are closer than 3 feet apart must have a secondary means of preventing entrapment. The exception to this is if your pool has a certified-unblockable drain.

ASME Covers: ASME/ANSI A112.19.8 compliant drain covers should be installed in every pool. Always keep an eye out for proposed revisions to the current performance standard.

Tile Installation & Replacement

The best thing about tile is that it’s available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so you’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your style. Once you pick the perfect tile, we’ll replace the old tiles with the new to provide you with a whole new pool experience! 

Our professionals have a plethora of ideas to add some dazzle to your backyard. With some collaboration, we can even capture the essence of your pool’s surrounding landscape.

Water Features

Do you want to upgrade your pool to enhance its look and sound? Luckily, there’s a wide variety of fun water features that may be added to your pool. Fountains, pots, descents, and infinity edges can rejuvenate your pool’s stylish look or relaxing feel.

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