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Pool Services

All You Have to Do Is Swim

Remember when owning a pool was about having more fun than frustration? That feeling is at the heart of our work here at Poolman. So spend more time with your loved ones enjoying your pool — we’ll handle the rest. You can relax knowing your Poolman Service Professional will keep your pool clean and in tip-top condition, so all you have to do is swim.

Pool Cleaning Service

The best pool maintenance value in the Southwest

Your health and safety is our number one priority. Our signature service includes 21 points of inspection, performed by one of our professional pool technicians. We take pride in delivering quality pool care service during each and every visit.

Pool Repair

DIY? More like “D-I-Why?”

Even the best-maintained swimming pools need some adjustments throughout the season. If you don’t know what you’re doing, some of these pool repairs can be costly, or even dangerous. We’re here to help whenever any of your pool equipment breaks down or needs some fine-tuning.

Pool Remodeling

Keep your pool looking modern and refreshed for years to come

In the world of aquatics, style preferences are constantly changing. Generally speaking, every pool needs a design refresh at least once a decade to protect your investment and increase your property’s value. These may include adjustments to the pool’s surface, tiling, decking, coping, wiring, or more.

Salt Water Pool System

Salt chlorine generators are popular alternatives for pool sanitation. By upgrading, you can turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine that’s both environmentally responsible, and offers superior water quality for swimming.

Specialty Pool Services

Your backyard paradise is what makes your pool uniquely yours. That’s why we carry extra service offerings to either build or maintain your pool and its water features. Even when you’re away on vacation, you can trust us to keep your pool in check while you’re gone.

Commercial Pool Services

With licensed operators certified to handle larger pools, we have the expertise you need to handle your commercial pool maintenance job. We dedicate an entire department to commercial pool service so we’re flexible enough to get your job done.

Relaxation Is Just a Call or Click Away!

Take back your private oasis. When you need a swimming pool service that’s done right, think of Poolman the next time you’re ready to dive into paradise.