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Pool safety tips: Safety and fun go hand in hand

Splashing around in the pool is a great deal of fun with the right safety measurements in place. Accidents can happen anywhere, even during fun occasions. Here are some pool safety tips that can keep everyone safe and let the fun continue.

Don't go it alone
Anytime, people of all ages should be supervised by the pool. The American Red Cross recommends parents or adults have active supervision over children whenever they're in or around water. Grownups should be kept a close eye on as well because even the most experienced swimmers can sustain an injury.

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that she always has someone watch her while she's doing laps. Franklin has been swimming since the age of 2, and often jokes that she should have been born a mermaid. She spends about 2 to 4 hours in the pool every day during training and remains active in other ways when she's not swimming. Despite her lifelong expertise, Franklin strongly believes in exercising vigilance when entering the pool. She typically has a coach, teammate or someone else watch over her in case of an accident.

What's more, she believes that swimmers should look after themselves and the pool for safety purposes. People should rinse off before and after a swim, she suggested. This can help keep the water and swimmer clean and healthy, which important because chlorine and chemicals that keep the pool germ-free can also make people sick.

Rinse off those germs
Even if a person has recently showered, his or her body can still attract dirt and harmful pathogens throughout the day. Once those germs get into the pool, it can take hours or days for the chlorine to kill them, stated the CDC. Some are resistant to the chemical. Unsanitary pool water can cause recreational water illnesses, skin rashes and other issues.

A pre-swim shower can be enforced by pool rules. The head of the household should post regulations near the swimming area and make sure that everyone follows them to ensure safety, suggested The Red Cross. The list can forbid diving, swimming alone and include rules about pool etiquette.

Households that have younger children can further enforce the rules with a physical barrier. A gate or fence around the pool can prevent injuries and even death. It's estimated that over 200 young kids drown in pools every year, reported The Red Cross. No one wants a pool day to turn into a tragedy. 

People who are vigilant, cautious and reinforce rules can prevent accidents and promote safe and healthy swimming. For safety related features and regular maintenance, contact your local Forth Worth pool service professionals. They can balance the chemical levels of a pool, fix unstable tiles and decks and more. Regular clients are even eligible for a free salt system