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Pool safety considerations for the San Diego area

Your San Diego area pool should be a safe and calming oasis that you, your family and any visitors can go to to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, you need to ensure that all of those individuals who are interested in taking a dip understand the best practices of pool safety, and that the area is secured and protected to avoid various risks.

Many of the most critical pool safety considerations can be handled by homeowners, but some will require a professional consultation. When in need, don’t hesitate to call Poolman to evaluate the safety of your pool and the surrounding area, and implement any changes necessary to ensure that your water is always a fun – not dangerous – place to visit.

Simple steps for better safety
By following these best practices, you can quickly make your pool the safest area in the backyard:

  • Educate family and friends: You should always speak to anyone who’s jumping in the pool to discuss where drains are located, which areas are deeper and any other hazards in the water. While it might seem unnecessary, it can’t hurt to post a little one-page safety list for visitors to read when they arrive at your house.
  • Keep toys in check: One of the more common threats to safety around the perimeter of the pool are toys that were left behind. Always instruct your children and visitors to put toys away once they’ve been used, especially since people can easily trip and fall over these items and get injured.
  • Ensure drain security: Drains are often the most serious and common dangers in a pool, and require special attention to avoid a disaster. Beyond knowledge of where the drains are, you should always ensure that the equipment is working properly so that it doesn’t malfunction and cause a serious issue for those in the pool.
  • Maintain chemical balances: The chemical balance of the pool will be critical for skin, eye and respiratory health. Too much chlorine can cause severe irritation, while not enough can lead to algae blooms that yield skin rashes, infections and a variety of other health issues. No matter what time of year it might be, you need to keep the chemical balance of your water healthy to avoid these health concerns.

Always work to maintain a regularly scheduled appointment with Poolman for your San Diego area pool service needs.