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Pool safety 101: Minimize risk to maximize the fun

Pool time is typically considered a chance for children to swim around and have fun. However, a lack of safety precautions can make the good times come to a sudden stop. Each day, 10 people die from unintentional drowning, two of whom are people 14 years and younger, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For every death, another five children are sent to the emergency room for injuries related to water submersion, as stated by the source. Pool owners can take action against these statistics by practicing safety first and recruiting professional help like a San Diego pool service that can install security features and repair outdated ones.

Swimming lessons
Empowering children with an education on safety and swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning. A survey highlights that 44 percent of Americans either can't swim or aren't equipped with basic swim safety skills, according to the American Red Cross. The organization affirmed its dedication to water safety by introducing an initiative to reduce the drowning rate by 50 percent in 50 cities within the next five years.

"Parents across the country can enroll their child in Red Cross swim lessons and download the free Red Cross Swim App to track a child's swim progress and water competency," Connie Harvey, director of Red Cross Centennial Initiative, told the source. "Adults need to know how to be safe in the water even before they can protect their children and can take a Red Cross swim course for adults. But just as importantly, parents should learn about water safety and know how to respond to a water emergency."

In addition to offering swimming lessons, Red Cross officials are encouraging families to make safety a priority. It's the parents' responsibility to teach children good habits. From a young age, they should understand that the pool can be dangerous and shouldn't be approached without permission. Red Cross professionals recommend that parents keep a vigilant watch over children when they are around the pool and under no circumstance should kids be permitted to swim alone. Distractions like reading a book or listening to loud music should be kept to a minimum so undivided attention can be given to the swimmers. Areas in and around the pool should be sufficiently maintained to prevent poolside accidents and reduce the risk of drowning.

Can't put a price on life
Barriers should be put in place to separate kids from the open water. Many children who drown in residential swimming pools were out of their parents' sight for under five minutes, according to Red Cross. Maintenance on other minor sections of the pool can also reduce risk. Lights can illuminate the area when the sun begins to set so a child doesn't accidentally swim into the perimeter. Loose tiles and decks that aren't sturdy may seem innocent enough but they can also penetrate the skin or cause someone to trip.

Hiring professionals like a San Diego pool service can save lives and a trip to the hospital. A combination of good pool habits and the right products and services can reduce the chance of a nice day turning into a nightmare.