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Is it time to drain your pool?

The summer weather is fading away, and there is no time like now to start thinking about your pool and what you can do to prepare for a successful swim season next year.

A swimming pool needs to be drained regularly. Depending on your particular pool’s swim load and environmental conditions, your pool may need to be drained as frequent as every three to five years.

If your pool is not drained regularly, the swim quality is degraded and swimmers can be subjected to skin and eye irritations. Also, your pool’s surface may have staining and a build up of mineral deposits. If this condition persists for an extended period of time, the likelihood of more costly fixes, such as an acid wash or resurfacing your pool may be the only solutions to remove the deposits and staining.

Keeping a chemically balanced swimming pool becomes difficult when the water needs to be drained due to high calcium hardness levels or high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Replacing the water in your pool lowers the amount of chemicals needed to ensure that your pool is clear and chemically balanced.

The warm temperatures will be back before you know it, and it is important to keep your swimming pool in the best possible condition throughout the entire year to ensure a successful summer.

Reference the coupon in this month’s Newsletter to receive a $15 discount on any drain (with reform) that is scheduled before November 30, 2014.

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