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Does your pool filter need a spring cleaning?

Spring in the Valley means that it’s time for baseball Spring Training. Baseball players use this time to prepare for the long days of summer and to prepare themselves for the challenges of the season ahead.

As a swimming pool owner, there are a number of ways to prepare your swimming pool and equipment ready for the long, hot summer. One of the most important preparations is addressing your swimming pool filter.

No matter what type of filter you have for your pool, backwashing and maintaining your filter is extremely important. Over time, the filter media becomes too saturated with dirt, dust and debris, which causes the filter to lose it’s ability to remove particles from the water effectively. This leads to a cloudy or green pool.

There are three types of filters, sand, cartridge and DE (diatomaceous earth). Each require a different cleaning schedule based on the immediate surrounding of each pool.

A swimming pool filter can’t keep up with monsoon season. Once dust storms hit, it may be necessary to clean your filters to remove the large amounts of dust that gets filtered through your swimming pool.

Another thing to remember is that during the winter months, it is important to remove all of the dirt and debris that is introduced to the pool prior to swimming season.

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to have your filter inspected to ensure that your filter is working at its best.

Call Poolman today to schedule a filter inspection with one of our experienced repair technicians to make sure it is ready for summer in the Valley of the Sun.