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Pool deck cleaning 101

While getting the pool clean and ready for the spring and summer months is a necessity for every homeowner, some might forget the importance of tidying the deck. And when you have a pool in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you’ll need to keep that deck clean around the year to ensure a comfortable and sanitary experience every time you step outside to tan or take a dip.

Remember, though, that it will often be best to leave these jobs to professional service providers.

The best ways to clean your deck will vary depending upon what type of material it is made up of, such as concrete, wooden planks or the like. One of the best tools to use when cleaning most types of decks is a power washer, which can quickly loosen or destroy any unwanted debris that might be stuck to the surface, while saving time compared to getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing.

When you have a cement deck, you’ll want to power wash the surface and then spread a cleaner while the ground is still wet. Using a large brush, you can scrub the deck clean and then rinse with the power washer once again.

If you have a wooden deck, you’ll need to be careful with both the power washer and the cleaning agent you choose, as both can damage the varnish when not used properly. The type of wood and finish will dictate how strong of a power wash will be acceptable, as well as which type of cleaning agent will work best.

You’ll also need to be mindful of the surrounding area, such as grass and the pool itself, to ensure that you don’t leave dangerous cleaning agents in either.

Homeowners can avoid headaches and enjoy a better job done by hiring a professional pool service company that can take care of the power washing, scrubbing and other deck cleaning necessities.