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Play Wiffle Ball in your pool this Fourth of July

If you're hosting a pool party this Fourth of July, you're going to want to spend it having fun. According to WeatherSpark, the average high temperature in Dallas on July 4 is 90 degrees. So instead of playing badminton in the yard and sweating through your swim trunks, play some games in your pool! Here's one that will keep you cool and having fun on America's birthday.

The Set-Up
Get yourself a traditional Wiffle ball bat (or an extra wide one if the little kids are joining in). Then, rather than a Wiffle ball, grab some practice golf balls, also known as air flow balls. They're made out of the same material and filled with holes, so they won't fly too far!

The batter stands in the low end of the pool, while the pitcher should be just deep enough in the water that their shoulders are exposed. Fill the deep end of the pool with the other players.

Then, determine foul poles. Generally, this should be the farthest corners of the pool. An average pool is either 12 feet or 14 feet wide, according to Cascade. This should be plenty of room and that way if the ball goes left or right out of the pool, it'll be a foul ball.

No strikes, no balls, just swing away until you make contact. Each batter gets two outs and then the pitcher moves to batting, while an outfielder takes their position as the new pitcher.

The Rules
If the batter hits the ball directly into the water without getting it past the pitcher, that's an out. If the batter hits the ball into the deep end, catch the ball for an out, otherwise the batter gets one run. If the batter hits the ball out of the pool or past a determined line, he or she has hit a grand slam. The batter should always keep track of the number of runs they have accumulated.

The Winner
Everyone should bat at least six times to ensure a fair game. Also, allow people to choose their pitcher if someone decides they only want to throw curveballs. After the six "innings" are complete, compare your runs. Or go ahead and just play for fun!