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Pick the right size pump for your Phoenix pool

One of the most important aspects of pool ownership is purchasing the right size pump to properly filter your water. You could run into problems with cleanliness and higher operating costs if you buy the wrong one. Here's what to do when searching for a new pump to use in your Phoenix pool.

Measure your pool
Before you can begin to narrow down your choices, you have to determine the size of your pool and the number of gallons of water it holds. According to Inyo Pool Products, there can be multiple formulas for calculating the amount that depend on the shape of your swimming area. If your pool is rectangular, you should measure the length, width and average depth. The latter can be obtained by adding the shallow end depth to the deep end and dividing that number by 2. The formula would be: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5.

However, the formula would be different if you have a kidney pool, which your Phoenix pool service company will tell you tends to have different proportions than a rectangular pool. For this style, you'll need to measure the largest and smallest widths in addition to the average depth and length of the pool area. Inyo Pool Products explained that the formula then becomes: (Longest + shortest width) x Length x Average Depth x 3.38.

Determine turnover time
The pool water being cycled through the pump is referred to as turnover time, and it plays a factor when finding the right size pool pump. PoolSupplyWorld suggested that the ideal turnover time is between eight to 10 hours. To determine which pump is the optimal choice for your pool's turnover, you have to calculate its gallons per minute rating, or GPM. For example, if your pool is roughly 35,000 gallons and you're aiming for a turnover rate of nine hours, you would include 60 minutes per hour and run the equation of: 35,000/9/60 = 65 GPM. Therefore, you should look for a pump that matches your GPM calculation.

Choose the right filter
Once you locate the pool pump with the correct GPM rating, you have to also select the right filter because it's directly related to the pump. If it's too small, it can put extra strain on the motor and cause problems like burning out the pump, which could lead to high maintenance costs. Inyo Pool Products recommended that pool owners purchase an oversized filter to ensure that it can handle the flow of water from the pump.