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New environmentally-friendly water parks make a splash with kids, adults


Interactive water parks like Salty's Cove in Australia are fun for the whole family
Staying ahead of the trend curve is vital for any business. For owners of water parks and swimming facilities, new interactive and environmentally-friendly water attractions should be considered to maintain a property’s appeal. Salty’s Cove, a $600,000 water attraction for kids that can be constructed at any facility, is the latest in good clean fun and utilizes some of the newest available “green” technology.


Salty’s Cove is a pirate-themed watery playground decorated with skulls, cannons, parrots, steering wheels and other items kids are sure to love. There are four tame water slides for toddlers as well as a larger tube slide for bigger kids. Every 35 seconds, a giant pirate head bucket dumps a half ton of water on the excited children below.


While this attraction is extremely appealing to children, it is equally beneficial to adults looking to enjoy a peaceful day at the water park. While their kids are splashing away and enjoying Salty’s Cove, parents and other adults can enjoy the main pool and other attractions that many children will view – after sailing aboard Salty’s Cove – as boring.


Salty’s Cove utilizes some of the newest environmentally-friendly technology available. Water-saving technology is incorporated, and a special device converts dissolved particles in the water into chlorine. These features will help any facility maintain a “green” reputation while resulting in savings due to efficiency and less need for chemicals.


Incorporating a water park like Salty’s Cove will also add value to any property and likely increase occupancy rates throughout the season. Maximize your facility’s earning potential by considering adding a new water attraction.