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More reasons to get a salt system installed in your Phoenix pool

If you properly maintain your pool and the surrounding environment, you likely enjoy some of the most relaxing times in this part of your property. Phoenix homeowners will be doing themselves and their guests a big favor by keeping a routine maintenance schedule with Poolman, the premier provider of Phoenix area pool services, including full remodeling and repair support.

One of the strategies that truly separated Poolman from its competitors is the free salt system installation program that is offered to customers who are in good standing and keep a regular maintenance visit schedule throughout the year. Salt systems might sound like they would do little for your swimming experience, but think again, as salt water swimming comes with myriad benefits.

What’s so great about salt systems?
Individuals from around the globe travel to places such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the Dead Sea in the Middle East to enjoy the health-related benefits of swimming in water with higher saline balances. To think you can enjoy all of these benefits from the comfort of your own property at no direct cost is a dream come true.

Here are some of the advantages of salt systems in your pool:

  • Maintenance and cost: Yahoo! Voices explained that salt water systems can reduce the amount of money a homeowner spends on maintenance and chemicals each year. Likewise, these systems make for a more eco-friendly home environment, as Poolman’s professionals will not have to transport high volumes of potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • Ease-of-care: Salt systems will take care of the chemical balance of your pool on a mostly automated basis. Although routine maintenance will still be required to ensure the system is working optimally, and chemical testing will be needed to monitor the water quality, the homeowner will enjoy an even more hands-off experience with the equipment.
  • Health to the moon: Yahoo! Voices added that many types of medical conditions can be either treated or alleviated with salt water swimming. Between minimizing the negative impacts of pure chlorination on individuals with breathing problems and helping ease the pain of those experiencing joint issues, the benefits are vast.

The best part about salt systems is that they’re free when you are a customer in good standing with Poolman. Don’t wait another day for your pool to just magically become better – call the professionals to set up a routine maintenance schedule.