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Manage your child’s potty training around the pool

There are numerous reasons for needing to conduct cleaning and maintenance of your San Diego pool, from standard degradation of the swimming area to broken down equipment and machinery. However, sometimes the swimmers in your pool can cause problems that need immediate attention, especially with young children.

Pools are a nice addition to the family home, as they can provide hours of entertainment seemingly year-round. But if you have children who are just learning how to potty train, you can run into issues with cleanliness. According to GlobalPost, infants and toddlers might urinate – and sometimes defecate – when placed in water, which can create health hazards in pools.

In order to avoid any possible complications, here are some methods to curbing any accidents from occurring in your swim area during potty training.

Swim diapers
One of the best ways to prevent any incidents is to have your toddler wear special diapers while swimming. Standard diapers tend to soak up as much water as possible, rendering them ineffective and possibly dangerous when swimming, according to the news source. Although the swim diapers don't keep germs, such as Cryptosporidium, from contaminating the water, they can prevent them from leaking into the pool for a few minutes. Because fecal matter is one the biggest causes of recreational waterborne illnesses, swim diapers can help decrease the likelihood of contamination.

Hygiene lessons
The Bump suggested that teaching your child the proper methods of hygiene can help stop accidents from ever happening, especially in the pool. He or she should know to wash his or her hands with soap before and after swimming. Prior to entering the swim area, you may want to help your toddler shower and clean themselves to ensure that no germs get transferred into the water. By educating your child on the importance of hygiene, you can dodge needing to call your San Diego pool service to clean the swimming area.

Prevent the problem
It may be challenging, but in order to prevent any incidents, GlobalPost also explained that you should make sure your toddler uses the potty before swimming, and ask him or her to use it every hour or two afterward. You could try using a reward system for successfully using the potty, awarding your child with a small snack for protecting the usage of your pool water.