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Make your pool a mean, green energy-saving machine

Going green is good for the earth and can be great for your wallet, as well. Green living has become an integral part of mainstream culture as more and more people become aware of the effect humans have on this little blue planet.

Keeping it clean   
According to Realtor Magazine, the California Pool Industry Energy Conservation Task force said that reducing the number of hours your filter is operational to about four hours per day, and 2-3 hours per day when the pool isn't in use can reduce the amount of energy consumed by up to 50 percent. If your pool becomes cloudy, the source suggested turning your filter on long enough to balance out the chemicals and restore the clarity  in your pool.                                                      

Decorative pool pieces such as waterfalls and wok pots add a touch of drama to your swimming pool, but they can also gobble up energy unnecessarily. Turn them off when the pool isn't in use to save energy and water by preventing evaporation.

Another way to save money on water and pool chemicals is to buy a pool cover. The source went on to say that it can also save you money by preventing the loss of heat at night, and can save pool owners hundreds of gallons of water every month that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Another way to prevent the loss of water is with fencing that can protect your pool from gusts of wind that can blow the water on to the tile.  

Lighten your workload with preventative maintenance 
Benjamin Franklin once said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and this logic easily applies to pool maintenance. Skim your pool to remove debris that can clog your filter and clean your filter regularly to ensure it's functioning as efficiently as possible. The source recommended keeping the temperature of the pool at 78 degrees, and dropping the temperature by 8 to 10 degrees during the week if your pool is only used on the weekend.                                                        

According to Advantage Engineering the pumping system a pool owner chooses is key to determining how much energy will be used by the pump. A variable pump can save you money on your electrical costs. The news source stated that the electricity used by a pump can account for 75 percent of the "total cost of ownership."

Poolman has these systems for sale and, after the initial investment, it's estimated that the system can save pool owners $600 to $1,300 on electricity annually.  

Some other simple tips from Realtor Magazine that can save you money are to use a broom instead of a hose to clean the area around the pool – what's the point in cleaning that if you're just hosing all the debris into the pool where it can clog your filter? Another helpful suggestion is to ask the people using your pool to keep splashing to a minimum to prevent water loss.