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Make your Phoenix pool safer with handrails and steps

Homeowners need to ensure that their pools walk the line between fun and safety, as an injury sustained in the backyard can lead to issues ranging from lawsuits to simply poor afternoons. You can make your Phoenix pool safer by calling Poolman to install handrails and in-pool steps, each of which comes with several advantages.

Poolman can manage the entirety of the project, from the initial consultation in which you decide which types of safety features you want and where you want them placed, to the eventual installation and maintenance of the investments.

For the in-pool steps, you might want to either add new ones or remodel older ones to become safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Pool steps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Poolman can make sure that you end up with the ones that most suit your fancy.

When you have younger or older individuals entering the water, or if you ever want to simply keep your feet in the water, these steps will come in handy. You’ll be able to enter the water slowly when it isn’t the time for making a big splash while avoiding those dangerous step-offs on the perimeter.

Handrails are also especially helpful for seniors and children, as they might be more concerned about falling when trying to either enter or exit the pool by way of the steps. Again, you aren’t confined to one option, but rather several that can be installed according to the specific layout of your pool, including the depth and structure.

All of these projects might seem easy enough, but improper installation can lead to hazardous conditions, damage to the perimeter or surface of the pool and much more. Poolman can ensure that your swimming environment is set up and maintained properly for the duration of your homeownership.