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Make some easy safety upgrades to the pool this summer

The San Diego summer presents a perfect chance to renovate your pool, especially by making some quick upgrades to make the pool a safe venue. While accidents can happen, there are some easy adaptations to a pool and its surrounding area that can ensure a fun and secure experience.

Bolster pool safety by investing in multiple exits
According to Aquatic International, there are five essential skills that a swimmer must possess prior to stepping in the water. These include being able to float or tread water for up to a minute, being able to swim and find an exit to the pool, and be able to swim at least 25 feet to an exit.

The source also noted that a competent swimmer should be able to depart the pool independently of an exit. However, leg cramps and other injuries in the water can sometimes make it difficult to hoist oneself out of the water without the aid of stairs or a ladder. If your pool only has one or two exits, you may want to consider investing in a ladder that can be fastened to the side of the pool. Purchasing a few of these can increase the safety of your pool, allowing a swimmer a wider range of exit options. 

Changes to pool area to ensure children's safety
If you have children, you understand that making their swimming experience safe is paramount. This can be done in a number of ways. According to The Silver Lining, you can do this by installing alarms around the pool area to alert you if your child is entering the area without adult supervision.

This measure has the added benefit of protecting any errant pets who get loose and enter the pool area. Another option you have is to obtain appropriate drain and skimmer covers. If a skimmer doesn't have a proper cover or is left open, your child could trip while playing around the pool area. Make sure that the covers are visibly marked at all times to reduce the chance of an accident.

Consider investing in devices to make swimming safe
Small children are also probably inexperienced swimmers. Therefore, to avoid having your child swim unaided, there are some devices that can be obtained that will gradually ease your children into swimming activities.

Aquatic International noted that the Aqua Life Inflatable Shirt as an example of a device that can keep a swimmer buoyant. The shirt is available for all ages, making it suitable for young swimmers. According to the source, it's designed to give a swimmer protection and a viable means of alerting a chaperone if something goes wrong in the water.

The shirt has a built-in whistle that allows a user to get someone's attention quickly. You can easily teach your child how to use this device, easing concerns parents may have about their child's first time swimming. The shirt comes in various colors and can be inflated by using a carbon dioxide cartridge, automatically, or by being manually inflated.

Invest in signs around pool area for safety
According to, another way to promote pool safety is by getting signs that clearly describe the safety requirements at your pool. These can include signs that advise against diving in shallow water, a typical mistake that can result in severe injury. The pictorial representation on the signs will be advantageous to children, explicitly demonstrating what is forbidden in the pool. For example, obtaining pool signs that instruct a child not to enter the deep-end of the pool can be a worthwhile investment, especially where safety is concerned.

This summer, obtain the necessities for pool safety at your local San Diego pool service.