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Maintaining Your Pool During the Summer Season

This time of the year, the valley is bright with blossoming trees and vegetation, and while we can appreciate the beauty that the different colors bring to the normal desert landscape, those blossoms can cause havoc on our swimming pools.

Over the next couple of weeks, while the temperatures begin to warm, those blossoms and the foliage from trees and bushes will increasingly cause more and more issues for your swimming pool.

  1. Be sure to remove the excess organics from the swimming pool as quickly as possible. There is a huge demand on the chemicals when organic material is introduced and more importantly left in the pools for extended periods of time.
  2. This is a good time of the year to trim back trees and other types of landscaping from around your Swimming pool area.
  3. No matter if you take care of your pool on your own, or have a service providing the cleaning for your swimming pool, this is an important time of the year for pool maintenance.
  4. Baskets need to be cleaned out, as well as keeping up with the backwashing and or cleaning out of filters is very important. If your circulation is reduced due to an overfilled basket or because a filter has an excessive amount of debris packed into it, then water clarity can be affected, as well as the chemical balance.

So while we will all enjoy the wonderful scenery in the coming months, let Poolman help you enjoy your swimming pool without all the headache that can come with cleaning and maintaining it.

Poolman offers various services that could help keep your swimming pool ready for you and your family. Call today to see how we can help you spend more time enjoying your pool instead of working on it.