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Maintaining Your Pool Filter

A clean pool filter is a vital part of keeping your pool clean and clear. The three types of filtration are sand, diatomaceous earth (DE), and cartridge. No matter which type of filtration you have, it requires maintenance.

Hayward DE Filter
Hayward DE Filter | Pro-Grid™ Vertical Grid

Sand and DE filters both require routine backwashing. If backwashing is not done, you will damage your filter media. We recommend backwashing your filters every two to four weeks during the swimming season and every three to five weeks during the off season. Sand filters have the smallest filtration area and typically need to backwashed more often than DE filters. We recommended that Sand filters have the sand changed every three to five years. DE filters should have a tear down done a minimum of once a year. Depending on the size of your pool to the size of the filter, cartridge filters must be taken apart and cleaned every three to six months.

We recommend all three major types of filters be cleaned and inspected by a pool professional, so that inspection of the internal components can be done during that process. Pool filter backwashing and maintenance could be needed more frequently if you see a sudden increase in pressure and/or if your filter is operating improperly. During monsoons, you may be required to backwash more frequently.

Their is a base PSI (pounds per square inch) for your filter when the media is new or clean. If the pressure rises 5-8 PSI, you will know you need to backwash your filter. This may be due to the restriction or build up of dirt and debris in the filter.